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igs natural gas prices

Release time:2017-10-26

1-844-290-2350Learn About Competitive Gas Prices in OhioBefore deregulation occurred in 1997, the entire Ohio natural gas market was regulated, meaning Ohio energy consumers were required to purchase their supply from the utility at a regulated rate. Now that most of the Ohio natural gas market has been deregulated, there are more options for natural gas rates. Ohio gas prices are offered at competitive rates from alternative suppliers. If you are fortunate enough to live in a deregulated Ohio gas market, take advantage of it by making sure you are getting an energy plan that fits your needs. Your Ohio natural gas utility remains the sameNo matter what supplier you choose, there's no need to fret about the quality of your natural gas service - your utility will continue to deliver the same reliable service you have been receiving. Competitive gas prices in Ohio are for the supply you use. Delivery remains a utility service that will continue at the regulated rate set by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. This means if you decide to purchase your supply from an alternative energy company, you will simply be receiving a different rate for the supply you use while utility gas rates for delivery will remain the same. Want gas prices for supply that work for you? Do your homework!


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