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tvnijuan netflix watch instantly problems

Release time:2017-12-29

The We Answer.ITreports a problem with Netflix's Watch Instantly after installing Windows Vista Service Pack 1. The Netflix Instant Watching feature allows Netflix subscribers to watch streaming DVD content in their Internet Explorer browser. I love this feature, and neglect my DVD queue for weeks at a time because I use it so much more. After I updated to Windows Vista SP1, however, this feature no longer worked. I could see the video loading, but it just would not play.My first thought was, "Stupid Netflix, you need to fix your software to be compatible with Windows Vista SP1." I knew that Netflix uses Microsoft DRM and Windows Media Player to stream content, but I figured Microsoft would not be stupid enough to break their own software.I called Netflix customer service. The friendly technician (who was actually from the U.S.!) seemed flustered and told me that there were already a ton of support tickets about this particular problem. He told me that the solution Netflix was giving people was to uninstall Vista SP1.Is anyone else having trouble with Windows Vista Service Pack 1?


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