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what happened to yahoo mail classic

Release time:2017-05-20

Home< Internet< How to switch back to Yahoo! Mail Classic?How to switch back to Yahoo! Mail Classic?Jul 21, 2011The new version of Yahoo! Mail is sleek, stylish and fast. But you need a faster Internetconnection for better browsing experience. In slow connections you may experience some problems in opening your emails. Are you on Yahoo! too? Not happy with your Internet speed and unable to open your mails? Want to switch back to a previous version or Yahoo Mail Classic? If yes, follow the steps below and switch back to Yahoo! Mail Classic today. How to return to Yahoo! Mail Classic:In Firefoxgo to Tools and open Options.Under the Content tab uncheck “Enable JavaScript”.Open Yahoo mail URL and login using your id and password.A notice will appear saying that JavaScript is needed to be enabled for using the new Yahoo! Mail. There you’ll see two options to return to a previous version of Yahoo! Mail. Choose the first option to switch just for one time or second option to return to a previous version.Now you are back to the classic version.In order to access all web sites properly, don’t forget to Enable JavaScript from the Content tab under Options in Firefox.Refer the screenshot below for help. Earlier Yahoo! used to display a handy “Return to Original Mail” link in help menu. But now it is gone. Because Yahoo recommends everyone to use the new version. I am also a Yahoo! Mail user. The new interface is great and I love it. My recommendation is that you use the newer version and switch to the classic version temporarily only when you are unable to open your emails on a slow Internet connection. Update: How to Switch Back using Internet Explorer? From Tools Menu in your browser, go to Internet OptionsIn Internet Options, select Security tab.The Security options for Internet is highlighted. Press the Custom Level button below.Various settings will appear. Scroll down to Scripting section and select Disable radio button under Active scripting option.Press OK button. A warning messaging will appear. Press Yes for that.Again press OK on the Internet Options panelNow Open Yahoo mail and login. Just like I wrote above, you’ll be greeted with a message to switch back (as in screenshot).After switching don’t forget to re-enable Scripting. Otherwise you’ll miss a lot of the Internet! Update:I wrote this article when the new Yahoo Mail started to behave like broken on my computer. The main problem was navigation. First I thought it was my limited Internet speed. Anyway, I tried a very old browser. It worked and the result was this article. I’m glad that users found it useful. After all, more than 1 million page views can’t be wrong. Right? With this update, I just want thank you all, specially those who shared their views to make this page more useful. And I confirm: this switch to Yahoo! Mail Classic still works. Update (01/07/2013): Yahoo has changed the mail interface again. What you think of the latest design? Is it better than the previous one? Update (04/26/2013): Bad news. Yahoo Mail Classic mail will no longer be available from June, 2013. In order to continue using Yahoo webmail service, you must upgrade. If you don’t upgrade, Yahoo will keep you lock out of your account. If you are using Classic mail, I’m sure you’ve already got the official email (upgrade notice). If you did’ you can follow the link provided by August in the comments. I’m really upset this time. Used Yahoo mail for more than 14 years. No, I’m not going to complain. I have decided to upgrade my accounts after deadline and seriously considering buying a good hosting package for my important email account. Update (06/17/2013): Fellow Yahoo user Bill provided two links in his comments hereand here. Try the links. One user (thanks Mihai) already confirmed that it works. Update (09/07/2013): Looks like Yahoo has permanently removed Yahoo Mail Classic. Now their trap page (yes they named it trap!) for users who didn’t upgraded shows upgrade options (full featured and basic). Till yesterday remind me later link was working. Now it is gone, which mean the end of Classic Mail. What’s next? One user suggested a petition. Personally I don’t oppose such ideas. But how can I forget Yahoo’s take it or leave it attitude? Note: I don’t want to mislead anyone. I’m keeping the earlier updates just for record purpose. Hereby I confirm that all of the above mentioned tips or hits no longer works. Yahoo Mail Classic is dead. TG This article was written by Sandy. Last update on July 9, 2013 Tags: Email, Firefox, Internet, Internet Explorer, Yahoo, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Mail Classic 343 Responses to “How to switch back to Yahoo! Mail Classic?”


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