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apmex silver bars fake

Release time:2017-06-20

So I bought an apmex bar and received it today. It was in sealed plastic but I wanted to weigh it to be sure. So I cut the bar out and put it on the scale. It came out 1.01 troy ounces and 31.4 g. Can this be right? I'm starting to think its a fake. Attached are the pictures I took.


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Got 5 1oz APMEX silver bars from a Chicago suburban coin shop. I weighed them they are 1-2 grams under weight. So I took some acid and ...


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Below are 14 ways on how to spot fake silver eagles, bars, and bullion. We've ..... APMEX image is a 1987 coin which explains the difference. The 2 coins I ...


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Feb 29, 2016 ... The counterfeit silver bars and rounds are identical in appearance to the ... Martineau said APMEX has an extensive library of fake bullion ...


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Have you ever ended up with a fake coin or bar? How did you realize it was a fake? ... I can honestly say no because I only get my silver from APMEX.


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The font appears to be different than what is currently shown on The APMEX Site.


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if its a pamp suisse bar that has nothing to do with apmex, unless you are worried they are selling you a fake which i'd sincerely doubt. if you just want .... If you order 1 coin or 500 silver rounds it is still 24.95 shipping.


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So I bought an apmex bar and received it today. It was in ... to produce a fake silver 1 oz bar within an uncertainty of .1g would be very difficult.


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Oct 28, 2015 ... I bought 100 oz of fake . here's the story : ... Fake Silver bars bullions ! .... + drgeek100 I totally understand, I buy from APMEX JMbullion and ...


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Aug 28, 2014 ... Whether you are interested in silver bullion, coins/numismatics or stacking as a hedge against inflation, this is the place to do it. Thanks for ...


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Pawn shops may not sell real Gold coins or real Gold bars. ... count on the average buyer not knowing how to spot fake Precious Metals such as Gold or Silver.
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