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create new account facebook

Release time:2017-07-04

How to Set Up Facebook 2-Step VerificationRate this post Create New Account Facebook Nowadays, Facebook has become not just a means of staying in touch with colleagues, relatives, and former school or university mates, yet a marketing tool, as well as it serves a number of other purposes. But prior to enjoying all those opportunities that this marvelous social network offers, you need to create new account Facebook. You have just to follow the simple guide presented below and you will create a new account in a matter of minutes. Learn how to create a new Facebook Account: First Step. Naturally, you need to enter the website of Facebook first. For doing so, open the browser and copy the following link into its address line: http://facebook.com/. Then, hit “Enter.”   The main page of Facebook, where you can get registered or sign in to the social network right away Second Step. Once you have got to see the main page of the world’s most popular network, you can notice that there is a possibility to create account Facebook right there. In order to get an account, you need to start filling in the sign up form, located on the right and beneath the sign in form. So, start filling this form in: In order to create new account Facebook, you have to fill this form in Your first and last name.Mobile number or email and reenter mobile number or email. You will make your account safer and more secure by providing both of these later – in the settings, yet it is up to you. Some people prefer not to provide their mobile numbers.Password.The date of birth.Gender. Once you have filled all the fields in, click on the green button with text “Sign Up” below (look at the second image). You got to confirm your email address and link it to the newly created account Third Step. After it, Facebook will require you to connect the email address to the account you have just created. So, go to the email inbox, find the letter from this social network (the letter’s title will be somewhat similar to “Just one more step to get started on Facebook”), and click on the “Confirm Your Account” button. Also, there will be a 5-digit confirmation code which Facebook may require you to enter. This way looks the letter you receive in your inbox Fourth Step. Enter the confirmation code, if the system required you to do so. If not, you will see the page of Facebook, where you are already logged in, and a notification that your email address has been confirmed. Now you have just to click “Okay” and start setting up your account. Welcome to the world’s largest social network! Now, the procedure of getting started on Facebook is finished; enjoy the experience of using this marvelous social network! If you want to find out how to sign in to the system swiftly, you need to visit the Facebook Sign InPage. Yet, the Facebook Sign Uppage may come in handy too. How to Set Up Facebook 2-Step VerificationWritten by kostiantyn Leave a Comment How to Set Up Facebook2-Step VerificationRate this post If taking advantage of all settings of your Facebook account’s security is not enough for you and you want to add an extra layer of safety, you may consider setting up Facebook 2-step verification. That means that you will be sent a verification code onto your […] Filed Under: Facebook How to Create a Facebook EventWritten by kostiantyn Leave a Comment How to Create a FacebookEventRate this post Facebook offers a large number of useful features, which allow all of us to organize our lives better and get some things done easier and faster. One of such features is an ability to create a Facebook event and invite all your friends, relatives, people you know, […] Filed Under: Facebook Facebook App Feature of Receiving Messenger and Instagram Messeges Is Under TestingWritten by kostiantyn Leave a Comment FacebookApp Feature of Receiving Messenger and InstagramMesseges Is Under TestingRate this post According to the reports from a few sources, Facebook is currently working over testing and implementing a new Facebook app feature for both iOS and Android, which will make possible to receive messages the users receive on Instagram and in Messenger […] Filed Under: Facebook Facebook Updates That Have Been Recently IntroducedWritten by kostiantyn Leave a Comment FacebookUpdates That Have Been Recently Introduced4.3 (85.93%) 27 votes Facebook is the world´s largest social network that has more than a billion of users, and it should not come as a surprise that it appears to be the third biggest company in the world (by capitalization). During the last half year, the company has […] Filed Under: Facebook How to Create a Facebook GroupWritten by kostiantyn Leave a Comment How to Create a FacebookGroup3.8 (75%) 4 votes Facebook has a lot of useful features for anyone, and there are myriads of features that can be used both commercially and as a means of communication with your friends. One of such features is indeed the Facebook group feature: you are able to create a […] Filed Under: Facebook 1234Next Page »Download our AppChrome ExtensionInstall our Chrome ExtensionCategoriesHotmailGmailYahooFacebookInstagramAOLNetflixVKRecent Posts What Are the Recently Introduced Features of Yahoo Mail AppThe Service of Yahoo Answers and How to Use ItSigning Out of Your Yahoo Account on Other DevicesNetflix’s Recent Releases of TV Shows and MoviesNetflix Has Made a Debut in CannesAbout usWe are a team of online teachers. 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